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Time Machine

Hosted by Cameron Palmer

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timemachineWe’ve all watched movies involving time travel in which characters venture back in time. Such tales give us a nostalgic look backwards and an appreciation of bygone eras. Well, KHMB Radio provides a quick trip for us all, each week featuring a different long gone year. Cameron Palmer hosts the show and gives us glimpses of a particular year with average home prices, gasoline cost, top news stories, and favorite movies. It’s a quick encapsulated look back which conjure up listeners’ own memories of the featured year. For the younger set, it can be a short history lesson.

Cameron then segues into something about Cameron’s Inn with an invitation to come visit a place loaded with history. The show winds up with a hit song from the chosen year – truly a short trip down memory lane.

Most of us know Cameron as the busy owner of Cameron’s Inn, now adjacent to a new campground owned by Cameron and his brother Kevin. You may also have met his daughter Kayla and son Kennedy who work at the Inn between school hours and sports. What some do not realize is the amount of hours Cameron spends on boards and committees that are important to the Coastside.

He started his civic involvement early by becoming President of the Chamber of Commerce at age nineteen. He's also a past president of the Historical Johnston House Foundation, and current president of the HMB Pumpkin Festival and the Old Fashion 4th of July Parade. And let’s not forget his King for a day at Candy Land. He also hosts and supports Tip a Cop night for our local Special Olympics.

All these involvements and more, yet you can still catch him sweeping the parking lot each morning at the Inn or unplugging a toilet when necessary. When you dine at Cameron’s, you won’t find a swaggering owner greeting patrons and passing the time of day. You’re more likely to find him pitching in to help his busy bussers,or even in the kitchen side by side with his cook.

If you can’t find him at all, he’s probably at one of the many committee meetings he has committed to each month. Cameron truly loves our town and shows it by his years of faithful service.

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